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Types Of Apps We Build

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

The CRM is a foundational tool for many business environments. We have delivered these platforms for various business sectors such as the service, construction and retail arenas. The primary reason you may want to develop a CRM is to have functions that help you manage and communicate with your customers more effectively. 

Billing Software

A reason for wanting to build a billing software is to customize the processes in which your business transacts. In todays technological landscape there are products that exist to be able to achieve almost any payment process. A huge introduction to these types of projects are partner systems such as stripe. These platforms allow you to leverage transaction infrastructure with embedded security and processing power to make building you'r software a lot faster and less costly with easy to use API's.


These platforms are mainly geared at automating and or improving the way your organization communicates internally and externally.  We achieve this with platforms that incorporate SMS, Email and Portal direct messages.


One way a logistics platform is used is for inside administrators to communicate with field technicians. These systems can include dispatching, work order and asset tracking functionality. 

Project Management/Scheduling

Scheduling and project management software's usually have a goal to ensure every contact involved in a project is fully aware of a start date, progress and end date. Features can also include communication with updates and progress reports. 

If you do not see your project type listed please reach out to receive a complimentary consultation regarding your use case.  

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Product Name: Arcor App 
Market Served: ADA Compliance

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